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If people used my art in cool ways (see the “Related Content” links on this page), it probably wouldn’t bother me much that they left out the required attribution, but as a friend of mine pointed out: I’m giving this app one star, and it only earned that star by being free.

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The punch was delivered in the middle of a brawl with Tomjanovich running at Washington. It's not about Chris Kaman grabbing the junk of an opponent going for a rebound.

Washington had already been punched by Kevin Kunnert and retaliated by punching Kunnert. From Washington's perspective though, he was in a fight and Tomjanovich is running at him and so he throws a punch. Barea last year for instance, or the infamous Kevin Mc Hale clotheslining of Kurt Rambis. This list is more about who is good at being dirty than it is a recounting of the hardest fouls or most famous violent instances in NBA history. Today's dirty players wouldn't have been dirty in the 80s. For that matter how do you compare players of the 50s and 60s with players of today?

Enter "south america" and "chess" and you'll get back words like "checkuador".

To all scorekeepers: PLEASE try to make sure that correct info on scoring is called into the Score Service -- 215-854-4570. Anyway, I don't know much about basketball these days, but I'd have to say that despite the score GAMP was definitely the better team. Thompson, Mc Koskey and Graves fouled out MARCH 24, 2007 PIAA CLASS AA STATE FINAL Prep Charter 68, Aliquippa 66 Anyone have a Bible? *PC committed 33 turnovers, with SEVENTEEN coming from the team's far-and-away best players, the Memphis-bound Morris twins, 6-9 Marcus (10) and 6-10 Markieff (seven).

That kind of explanation is intuitively appealing, both because the scenario has a plausible ring to it and because it’s the sort of unsexy answer you often find when you try to explain a strange result.

To test this theory, I looked at play-by-play data over the last four years, which breaks fouls — including technicals — down by type.

They were calling traveling on GAMP every other play, which really hindered their chances for a win. It was 58-57 Audubon and their ball at the end line. He made both and before we all know it, it's 61-59, GAMP! It was getting crazy in this tiny gym, and the Audubon coach and the guy sitting behind me were still buggin' me. And then, late in the game, as he later admitted with a smile, Marcus untied his sneaker and then got to re-tie it with the referees' permission before shooting crucial free throws, again buying valuable collect-yourself time. You put your food and soda on top of that trash can, then couldn't remember where you put it. " JULY 5 TEDBIT Now that our Inter-Ac scoring numbers go back to the 1949-50 season, we can offer this nugget . Bill Soens, a 1963 Penn Charter grad, was first and his lowest average, was 19.6.

It's a reasonable defensive action in the midst of a brawl. The rules were different and the idea of a dirty player didn't even exist.

Steph Curry is 1 of only 9 players in NBA history to win multiple championships and multiple MVPs.

Audubon got the lead by a missed and-1 rebound play. Byrd forced the 5-second rule on Audubon when they failed to pass it in on time, and that gave GAMP the ball. But, then again, Audubon drove through the Pioneers' defense and tied it up at 61. GAMP started things off with Byrd and Thompson having their share of buckets and boost up the score to 66 points, but the verdant shaded wave is following in their footsteps, and they get 66 as well. Here are the major moments of the final minute: Q went ahead, 66-63, at on the follow of a missed free throw (made possible in part because Markieff, with four fouls, shied away); PC turned it over at 49.1; Q missed a one-and-one at 42.7 (with Marcus rebounding); Markieff dunked on a feed from Marcus at ; Q missed a double-bonus at (with Marcus grabbing the rebound); Marcus got the ball on the left wing, backed his defender into the lane and was grabbed as he began to execute a move at ; he missed the first freebie, but hit the second to create a 66-66 tie; Marcus stepped forward to help on defense and made a steal at at close to three-quarters court; Marcus was fouled almost immediately at and nailed two FTs to make it 68-66 for just the Huskies' third lead of the game (also 6-5 and 8-7); before he could launch a desperation shot, which would have come from a shade inside halfcourt, a Quip was called for traveling at 1.4. PC wound up putting four players in double figures in points: Markieff (16), Marcus (11, thanks to nine FTs), Radford (14, 4-for-5 on treys! Markieff (16) and Marcus (11) enabled PC to ring up a 47-43 rebounding edge. You were looking all over, asking people if they saw your food." He starts laughing. I thought somebody stole my stuff." We drive a little more and I call the wife to let her know our locale and to provide entertainment with assorted Puck stories. I need to know who winnin' for my pool." Anne's place in heaven is sealed. He gave me back the phone and I said to Anne, "That was fun, eh? The other two guys, Malvern's Charlie Floyd ('74) and Episcopal's Nick Alikakos ('17), had two averages lower than that. 1 total (24.6) was also the highest and 63 of those points were scored in a blowout of Germantown Academy. JULY 3 TEDBIT The guys with high scoring averages don't always play for championship teams. Wilt Chamberlain owns three of the top six efforts and I guess we shouldn't be surprised by that.

That's a question that's hard to answer because "dirty" is such a hard thing to define.