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There were a few seconds of hang time before the music picked up again once you unblocked the receiver on the wireless speaker, but again, this is a demo years ahead of commercial production.

Wi-Charge will presumably have worked out performance lag by then.

NOTE To lock when inserting micro SD card in the slot, push it a thin object (a small coin, paper clip, toothpick, ballpen) until it clicks into place.

To remove the micro SD card from the slot, push it in the same thin object.

Try the Wireless Kit with the transmitter and receiver in the same room and verify if you are able to establish a connection.

If a connection can be established, then reinstall the wireless unit back to its original closet location and proceed to step #1.

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If you take the device out of range, or held the phone perfectly upright (so it stopped receiving signal), or if you blocked the light beam with your hand, charging ceased.

NOTE You must make sure that the batteries in the X-Sight are fully charged before updating your device.

In the event of a power failure during an update the X-Sight may crash corrupting its system files and will need to be sent back to the ATN factory for service.

Peel back the adhesive backing and securely place the IR blaster onto the device.3.

When the connection is established, the Transmitter relays infrared commands from your Receiver to devices.