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Ntp not updating

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It can also be used to diagnose problems with the time service.

W32is the preferred command line tool for configuring, monitoring, or troubleshooting the Windows Time service. To use this tool, you will have to open an elevated command prompt, type W32tm /?

The satellite modem sits behind a UPS, so it is not affected by the outage.

Once my three Pi’s (Bv1, Bv2, Pi2) are running again, I issue the ntpq –p command with the following result: [email protected] ~ $ sudo ntpq -p remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter ============================================================================== .

If this service is stopped, date and time synchronization will be unavailable.

If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.

For example in Windows 8, check firewall settings in Control Panel -Advanced settings.

If the firewall is on, one has to enable Inbound and Outbound Rules for "Specific local ports" in our case UDP, port 123.

Hello all, I am tinkering with ntp services and ran into a bit of a roadblock when it comes to verification that everything is running.A router or switch that is configured to process NTP will not associate or sync to a device that is runnging SNTP.If you are concerned about the processing load of NTP you might consider setting up a hierarchial organization: have 2 or 3 switches sync to the primary NTP server, and divide the other switches up so that one group learns time from the first switch, another group learn time from the second switch, and so on.Is there a command in the IOS (12.8) that forces the switch to contact the ntp server it's pointing to in order to update the time?I know there is a windows command to do it so I'm kind of crossing my fingers here. Jeff It is good to know that if you configure the switches to learn time from the linux box that it does work.I started digging and found out that the NTPd service is not updating the local time.