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To help prepare all you newbies, here are a few of the most interesting cultural differences between this European country and good ol' America: In America, going out for coffee is a quick and easy task.


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New Zealand paid its native Maori people hundreds of millions of dollars for colonial injustices.

Twelve South Korean women who were forced into sexual slavery by Japanese military during World War II have sued the Seoul government over a deal it reached with Tokyo to pay the victims, saying it does not go far enough to establish Japan's responsibility.

The lawsuit was submitted days after South Korea's Foreign Ministry said the surviving victims will each be eligible to receive around ,000 from a foundation funded by the Japanese government. Researchers, funded by the Korean government, underwent a two-year search of the U. National Archives to unearth the clip, according to As Am News. National Archives, the South Korean government has released a rare 18-second clip of what is believed to be the first ever video of South Korean women used as sex slaves by the Japanese military during World War II.Several South Korean victims, including at least six of the women who sued the South Korean government, said they will reject payments offered from the foundation.Under the December agreement, described by both governments as "irreversible", Japan pledged to fund the foundation to help support the victims.Japan agreed to pay about .3 million dollars into a fund to help restore honor and dignity to so-called "comfort women"- women forced into prostitution for Japan's military brothels during World War II.