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Hey, I am looking for this video that was "up" here in before the admins took it down.

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Due to the reclusive nature of both Goths and Emos, many of them prefer to spend time indoors, on the internet, rather than face the glaring brightness of the sun.

This is good news if you're looking for a good chat room to meet other Emos or Goths as there should be plenty of people to meet and chat with on-line!

Admittedly I’m not very well-versed on The 60 Eyes’ catalog, but my impression of “Bloodlust” is that it’s some of the darkest, most electronic work Jyrki has ever put his name on; it’s not even trying to be rock n’ roll ala The 69 Eyes, it’s just trying to make you dance…

His band’s been carrying the goth torch through the most un-cool of years, so now that the pendulum is swinging back the other direction the timing is absolutely perfect for him to step out on his own to deliver a record with the utmost gothiness imaginable, showing all these youngins how it’s done. A very special episode in celebration of our 200th episode…